Shin Shin Kaisen. Martial Arts for your mind


This workshop is held in English and is recurring.

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Meditation teachers Anya Van Til (Aikido Shodan) & Nathalie Jaspar (Iaido Nidan) share awareness techniques to strengthen your spirit & budo

About this Event

This 2 hour online workshop is meant for all budo (martial arts) practitioners who are interested in improving not only their body but also their mind.

Nathalie Jaspar, Iaido 2 Dan, and Anya Van Til, Aikido 1 Dan, will reveal their own experience of combining martial arts and Esoteric Buddhism practice and share with you the ways how they support each other and speed up the personal development process.

We will tackle upon the following topics:

– Spirituality in martial arts

– Your power center: the Hara

– Meditations to develop your Hara

– Developing an expanded state of mind or immovable mind (Fudoshin)

– A mantra to chant your way to Fudoshin.


The workshop will be held through Zoom.

Replay will be available.

The link will be sent to you after sign up.


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