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Garab Dorje, the first Dzogchen master, has summarised his life long practice in three sentences:

Directly discover your state.

Don’t remain in doubt.

Gain confidence in self-liberation.

Chögyal Namkai Norby, another great Dzogchen master, explains these statements as follows.

“Directly discovering your state” refers to understanding the condition of “what is”. The individual’s primordial state. This is the base.

“Not remaining in doubt” means that one must have a precise knowledge of this state, finding the state of presence of contemplation. This is the path.

“Gain confidence in self liberation” is the fruit. It is the state when the complete and unchangeable knowledge if self liberation is integrated in daily life, and that in all circumstances one continues in that state.

this gives us a new perspective on the Reiki precepts

“Directly discover your state” is described in the first 2 instructions of the Reiki precepts: 

Do not anger 

Do not worry 

The best way to discover what we truly are is by excluding what we are not.

So if we honestly observe ourselves, we will realise that most of the time we are agitated or fearful about what happened, is happening or will happen.

The precepts tell us: DO NOT anger and worry and thus let us know that it is not what we are. 

This is not our true state, even though it is dominating our life.

what are we then according to the precepts?

Compassion to ourselves and others is our Buddha (True) Nature.

That’s what we are.


That’s our base. We always have to remember that we are kind and compassionate by nature.

We just need to practice it more to develop this state.

Practicing compassion is our path!

how do we practice it?

According to the precepts gratefulness is a doorway to being our true state: compassion.

What is gratefulness and how can we invoke it?

We feel grateful only when we are present and aware.

Only then we start noticing the beauty of life within us and around us.

Every breath has the potential to bring us back to this moment.

So we can be grateful for our breath.

We can be grateful for our body, as it allows us to express our(true)selves and that usually brings satisfaction and happiness.

Gratefulness always leads to compassion

The precepts teach us that:

Our true being is compassion

Our true way is applying compassion in life

The more we apply it in life, the more confident we become about our true state.

The more we practice that and find ourselves dropping anger and worry and returning to kindness and compassion moment after moment after moment, the happier and healthier we become.

That is the fruit of our Reiki practice!

To sum it all up:

We need to know who we are: kindness and compassion. That’s the base.

We need to not only know it in our head as an idea, but have it anchored in our body though diligent correct practice. That’s the path.

Having kindness and compassion determine all we think, do and say in daily life is the fruit!

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