7/23/2019 Anya van Til

It’s been tropical weather. So we have set up a swimming pool. Kids jumped in it immediately and were playing and having fun right away. It was a pleasure to see them enjoy themselves. I was standing there smiling, cheering them up to do things and once in a while I would have to hop to the side to avoid the water splashes they were abundantly producing.
Then my daughter said: mom, get in!
I said: No, I’m fine, I’ll just look at you and have fun watching.
But she kept insisting that I joined in until I finely gave up, pulled on my bikini and jumped in.

When I finally was there it felt like I ended up in a different world. I wasn’t the onlooker anymore. I actually instantly became aware of the loss of gravity and the soothing coolness of water, which perfectly balanced the intensive warmth of the sun, I sensed the wind on my skin… besides I was genuinely with the kids, not just watching them. We started playing and diving together. Game on: who can stay longer at the bottom of the pool; who will walk farther on the hands; who will swim longer under water etc. etc. Games kept emerging, we kept laughing and having fun. 

Those were just two steps.
Two physical steps that divided me as “the watcher” from me as “the swimmer”.
What a world of difference!

So often we think that we know how this or that feels by merely watching. How often we are mistaken.
We think we know what Reiki is by reading as many books as possible or being initiated into as many lineages as possible.
We think that we realise what the roots of Reiki are by studying the history. 
Yes, it is true that we will know more if we study, but it will never give the total experience without actually practicing Reiki. By practicing I mean not just a short self treatment before falling asleep but regularly consciously meditating, keeping the precepts in mind, chanting and more importantly, integrating it all in real daily life. These are the necessary ingredients that make the Reiki practice wholesome and help you find peace and happiness so that you could enjoy your life. 

Don’t be just a witness, jump into the ocean of Reiki and have fun!

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