7/7/2019 Anya van Til

Is your inbox and FB page overflowing with all kinds of advice to improve your affairs, your health, your relationship?

Nowadays there are ready-made methods in every area: from blowing your nose to whatever management.
Various step-by-step plans pop up like mushrooms after the rain to immediately stimulate improvement in a certain area. It all seems logical and sounds easy when you read it! All you have to do is enter your e-mail and you will be bombarded by thousands of ways to learn how to do it better. The funny thing is that you keep filling in your mail and you continue to receive step-by-step plans.
Then you try to do it as they describe, but somehow it doesn’t work … Why?

Perhaps because your situation is always slightly different than that of your coach, your temperament is also different, your living conditions aren’t similar. Unfortunately, copy-paste often fails, even though the situation seems very recognisable.

We always look outside of ourselves for someone to improve our relationship, help us lose weight, stop smoking, or manage our business more efficiently. Unfortunately, it does not seem to work that way, at least the result is not permanent. Other people can help us. But every help from outside is temporary. If we want things to go well all the time, we have to treat the core of the problems. Knowing what the problem is about is for a large part a solution.

Where does the problem actually come from?

Our problems arise when we can no longer be ourselves. That happens when we forget who we really are. We feel disconnected from the life stream and our life becomes a struggle. We no longer have an overview and think we need others to help us.

​I see the connection to the life stream as an axis. If we are strongly rooted, centred in our strength, then we have an overview. We are connected to ourselves and to everything. Everything is calm and clear. Consider a toll as an example. When a toll is running, there is clearly a center, an axis in which it is quiet and stable. If you step out of the axis, the centrifuge force will throw you to the very edge.

Can you imagine what it’s like there? You are forced to fly in circles, everything is turning in front of your eyes, you see nothing, it makes you sick but you cannot get out yourself. This is when we reach out for others to help us.

Every person sees a solution differently though. One says, get out all the way, the other will say: go left, the third one would point to the right … because they look at your situation from their perspective. The more you listen to others, the further you lose yourself.   In fact you have to make sure that you are back in your centre, because you restore your balance and you get an overview again. There you are yourself, your True Self.

You are the universal life energy that makes birds fly, trees grow, seasons change and galaxies exist. You don’t have to ask anyone for answers. What you need is a method that offers you tools to return to your center.
​Reiki is undoubtedly one of those methods.

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