5/15/2020 Anya van Til

At the time of lock down we are to do mostly distance treatments and online sessions.
What does it mean for us?
Many of us are facing the fact that distance healings are quite tricky. You don’t see, hear or feel your client. You do not perceive him or her with your senses which leaves us with zero feedback. No stomach sounds, no softening and deepening of breath, no bodily reactions.
How do we know if we do it right?
Does the client actually “receive” the treatment?
If there is no client, the attention is automatically turned to ourselves and we reflect on our worries, fears, insecurities etc.
So how do we know if we do it right?

​I once saw a video which helped me a lot to understand the science behind the distance treatment.
It was a video about how sound waves get transmitted.
Apparently if I make a sound, it produces a trilling in the particles stemming from my vocal cords. So the particles next to the initially trilling particles start vibrating and set the particles next to them in motion, the latter start moving and affect the next layer of particles. Thus the sound waves get produced. They move in this way until the wave reaches the ear of my partner and he can decode the wave. My vocal cords initiated the movement of sound but they stay where they were. Nothing is being sent or beamed. 

This is exactly the principle behind the ocean waves. They transmit the energy, not water. Caused by winds or surface movement, the waves create the ripple effect and it reaches far.

In the distance healing we sit down and produce the “trilling”
It is a much subtler motion than the sound waves but the mechanism behind it seems to be the same. We intend to emanate compassion and thus initiate the wave of unconditional love rippling out. 

There is more to it though.
For our client to “receive” the wave it should be strong and steady.

This part is the most simple but yet most difficult either by distance or with the physical client.
This is the part where we have to stay mindful of our body, mind and energy. We have to keep them linked to each other, keep them together. Are you familiar with the autopilot modus when you are driving and suddenly “wake up” and say to yourself: “oh I am here already”. When drinking a cup of thee, are you aware of how many sips you took? That is a sign of being distracted.

How do we link our body, energy and mind?
It is best to start by settling our mind in the hara. When we concentrate on the hara through breathing exercises like Joshin kokyu ho or chanting, we enter the space of nonduality. Inbreath – outbreath, inside – outside, contraction – expansion, dark – light, sound – stillness etc. When I manage to reach the nondual space within me, I am automatically interconnected to everything else, including my client.
There is no need to send anything, to visualize anything or stage a distance healing with a teddy bear. 
Dive inside the ocean of your hara and discover the gateway to Oneness.

The next thing is training to stay there.
We might have touched once upon Oneness, but our memory of this initial experience does not mean that we have arrived.
We have to practice again and again not to get distracted through our senses, especially by our mental activities, our thoughts and judgements about everything. Every time you notice you got distracted, bring your attention back to your breath and your body. Keep chanting or meditating. 
Keeping an eye on your focus and presence is your measuring tool in a distance healing. As long as you are aware and mindful of your body, energy and mind, the compassionate wave is reaching your client.

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