5/18/2018 Anya van Til

In the kanji of Ki (in Rei-ki) you can see the steam of the boiling rice.
The Ki, therefore, is the energy that a Reiki practitioner radiates just like steam.
We as Reiki practitioners are so called cooking Reiki.
But is Reiki the same everywhere?

​Rice exists in almost every kitchen. It is just slightly different everywhere. The climate and nature elements determine the shape and taste of the raw rice. The recipe is also specific for each culture, depending on the geographical and economic situation. Here we are talking about cultural differences in Reiki. Think of countries in the Far East, Asia or Europe. Reiki actually gets its own cultural hue when being applied.

Besides, there are also variations within each culture.
Everyone has his way to cook rice. Pan, rice cooker, lid on, lid off, plenty of water, water exactly to size. Some add herbs, some do not. That is why the steam and the smell vary. These are individual differences in Reiki.

Every Reiki practitioner cooks his Reiki with the available ingredients: culture, place, life experience and personality.
But that does not remain constant over time either.

The place to live can change, the life experience certainly changes and your personality gets adjusted, so does your Reiki.
I wonder if it is possible to reach the state of Reiki which actually does not have its own taste or smell. Reiki that everyone considers to be extremely beneficial regardless of the place or time. Reiki that does not exclude anything, but includes everything and is just as pure and clear as the water’s wetness and the warmth of the fire.

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