2010 – 2020 was de naam van de huidige school “Reiki Waters”.

9/15/2017 Anya Van Til

In one of the numerous Shinpiden courses I took with the International House of Reiki I had a clear message:
“I am water. And that’s what I want to be.”

At the moment I heard it I had no idea what it meant!
I’m sure you recognise how it feels to get an experience during a meditation and spend days, months, years afterwards finding out what the message had been. In fact I think the time that you take to come to understanding of it is not the time to form an intellectual perception but a process of making it your own, integrating it in your life. In the course of bringing it to your life, you start to understand it.

There I was  – water.
Water as a physical nature element? Like human beings or Earth consisting for 80% of water?
Water as an energetic aspect of the element Water?
Water as in Buddhist metaphor to mind

Every time I picked up fractures of it but the whole picture wasn’t there yet. At some point I gave up deliberately searching for answers, but kept noticing the quest still being alive in me.
Today, about 5 years later I think it had initiated the quest for my True Self which will take the rest of my life.
But I can try to sum up some of the insights that I have gained so far.

Water has 3 forms: solid, fluid and gaseous.
In my mind these three forms correspond to the three mysteries of our True Self (Reiki): body, energy and mind.
Ice, water and steam can show clearly how different it can feel to be You.
Whether you are hard and cold as ice, or light and hot as steam, your essence is still water. 
I can see it depicted in the Reiki precepts as well.
The first two precepts: being affected by anger and worry describes the state of being hard and cold as ice.
Being true to yourself is being fluid and streaming, like water.
Being compassionate is therefore being light, uplifted and warm, like steam.

But as we know all these forms of water are interchangeable. Ice can melt and soften under the warm conditions and steam turns back to water when cold.
So are we. We can become hard and cold under some circumstances and warm and enveloping with love under other circumstances. And one thing you can be sure of is that our life environment never stays the same, continiously making us freeze or get elevated.

What I ask myself next is: does water differentiate between it’s states? Is it preferable to be either ice or steam?
Of course water and steam are the forms in which we can undoubtedly experience interconnectedness while ice keeps us obviously apart from each other.
But… as we all know, judgement is not a companion of our True Nature. So I suppose we shouldn’t judge ice for being ice and shouldn’t praise steam for being steam. Both can be quite helpful or dangerous. Therefore our True Self, water, takes different forms under certain circumstances but it always has the potential to turn to being water.
So if I find myself being angry or worried, I try not to be hard on myself. I recognise the potential to melt and flow again.
And visa versa if I feel I am genuinely compassionate, I remember that it may not last forever.
It is about recognising where I am right now and relaxing into it without rejecting one state or clinging to another.

Chogyam Trungpa said: “To be healed… means that a person is no longer embarrassed by life”
Adapted to the text above it could mean: ” To be healed means that a person is no longer embarrassed by his present state” 

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