12/9/2013 Anya van Til

The precepts of the System of Reiki form its basis.
They are the material to contemplate upon and to eventually embody. Therefore they provide the intellectual aspect of the System as well as the practical method of how to get an insight into our true nature (reiki).
The statements of the precepts are interconnected and form a circle of ceaseless spiritual development. Once you think you come to the understanding of the last precept – “buddha nature” (true nature), you can begin again with “do not bare anger” on another level. Or if you think you have gotten it all you could just find yourself in a situation to realise that there is still a lot to learn and to practice. Thus you keep discovering deeper and deeper meanings of every short statement that the precepts consist of.
So i think it is impossible to say once and forever what the precepts are about. If one keeps on practicing and developing, the understanding of the precepts will keep on shifting. 

This is how i see the precepts today.

Do not bare anger 
The first precept teaches us to not cling to the self. According to the buddhist teachings “I” is an illusion. There is no me or you separate of each other. We are all energy, we are interconnected, we are all one. When we understand the ground of emptiness, we understand that anger along with greed, jealousy and the like are empty of essence. 

“Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned.” Buddha

Do not worry 
We are all occupied by the thoughts of past and future during the day, worrying about what could happen or reliving what has already happened. The precious present moment passes by unnoticed. We do not pay attention to what we see, hear, smell, taste or do at this very moment. We are too busy worrying. Guess what kind of perception of reality it brings?

Worrying does not take away tomorrow’s troubles, it takes away today’s peace” 

Be true to yourself and your being 
To take the previous precept a step further, we should realise that there is no distinction between present, future or past. Life is one continious ever-changing present moment. Being true to yourself is realising that there is just this moment. 
If we just let the worries and fears go and learn to be in the now: see, hear, smell, taste and act with full attention, we could finally notice that life is a miracle!  

“If we open our eyes, our minds and our hearts, we will find that this world is a magical place.” Chögyam Trungpa

Show compassion to yourself and others 
Imagine you have fully realised there is just this fleeting moment. What would be logical to do with it? Right, live it through virtuously as it is the result of your previous actions and the creator of your future circumstances. 
Indulged in the moment, there is no time and need to judge, no need to grasp to it or to avert it. Accept it is the only right thing to do. “If you can’t change the circumstances, change your attitude to it” is what people often say. 
There is freedom in acceptance!
What could be more compassionate than to let yourself be free from all the conditioning you have accumulated. You don’t have to label things, classify them as right or wrong, no need to decide upon whether you want them or not. No need to take action upon these decisions which would definitely cause struggle and suffering in your life.
Just enjoy this very moment. Look around and find out it is a blessing to be alive!
How can you not wonder at the birds singing, sunshine, rain drops or rainbow? Take a minute to think about what a perfect creation you are. Every step you take, every word you speak out is the result of millions mechanisms coming into action in your body, mind and energy. You are perfect already. Just like everybody and everything else. 

“This universe is not outside of you. Look inside yourself; everything that you want you already are.” Rumi

As this is the center of buddha nature
We need to drop the self created walls that limit us from being who we already are: we are reiki, we are enlightened, we are free in nature.
Let go of the self, stop clinging to past and future, learn to live every moment mindfully and let love and respect to all creation arise in your heart as this is our true nature.

“A flower
does not have to 
do anything
to be of service,
it only has to be a flower.
That is enough.
A human being, 
a true human being,
is enough
to make the whole world

Thich Nhat Hanh.

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