5/19/2017 Anya Van Til

Our True Nature is often described in Buddhism as that which is not born and does not die. Sounds very simple yet it is hard to comprehend.
How can we understand this notion?

Thich Nhat Hanh teaches us to see a cloud in a cup of tea.
The tea that you have in your cup used to be a cloud. It had fallen down as the rain and now this water is in your cup.
He demonstrates to us how nothing is really born and nothing dies.

Let’s turn to nature for more examples.
The water cycle.
The circulation of water shows us the constant change of form of water in nature.
Steam rises from the ground to form clouds and to fall down as a rain.
And that happens endlessly, without a beginning or an end.

Look at the kanji of Reiki now.

There is a character of steam in the kanji of KI. Steam rises up.

And there is rain in the kanji of REI. It falls  down. 

Apparantely the kanji of Reiki illustrates the same process!
The same process and the same idea of our True nature.
The True nature that is unborn and undying yet continuously changing its manifestation and form.

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