6/30/2012 Anya Van Til

Have you ever closely watched the life of the plants, animals, fish, birds or insects? If yes, then you have probably paid attention to how they are content with what they are? However all they are busy with is sustaining their own lives and giving a chance to new life continually. 

I asked myself: What about us? What are people living for?  
The answer came from inside in a form of the Reiki precepts and their manifestation in the Nature.

The precepts are the basis of the system of Reiki. It is the precepts that were taught first by Mikao Usui, the founder of the system, to his students. Later on the system was completed by the other elements like mantras and symbols, techniques and meditations, initiation and hands on healing. They all serve as tools to help a practitioner to reach the understanding of the deeper meaning of the precepts.  Looking deceivingly simple, the precepts actually describe the way of spiritual development of a person. The way from the illusory dualistic view of the world where there is “you and me”, “subject and object”, “good and bad”, to the correct view of Onennes of the energetic space we live in, our true nature, and to unification with it.Let us try to trace the working of the precepts in the Nature and to project them to our lives. Let us honestly and openly answer the questions about ourselves and see where we really are on our way to harmony with everything around us. 

A river.
Streaming restlessly and freely to find its way to the ocean. 
Never ceasing its journey if there is an obstacle coming up. Always finding another way to go on with its endless journey.
Why do we panic or anger when a problem comes up? 

… do not bare anger

A tree. 
Blossoming in spring, the new leaves coming out. 
Releasing the colors in autumn to amaze us with their maturity. 
Demonstrating the cycle of life by losing the leaves for them to become earth again and to give birth to new plants, trees, leaves…
Why are we scared of aging and death? 

… do not worry

Being intangible, present everywhere, connecting everything.
Spontaneously changing and ready to become anything from disastrous storms and the suffocating calm, to deep satisfying sea breeze.
Why do we have a rigid image of ourselves that is different from the others? Why are we afraid to let go? Why don’t we allow our life to flow?

…  be true to yourself and your being

Sparkling, dazzling, freeing, giving warmth and creating new possibilities.
Burning away whatever you put in it, creating beauty and warmth around. 
Leaving nothing behind except for the space for a fresh start again and again…
Why are we afraid to burn away old rubbish? Why do we cling to things and selves?
Why don’t we let our inner fire of love and compassion burn for the sake of others? 

… be compassionate to yourself and the others

Eternal harmony of earth, water, fire and air, complete and perfectly functioning system.
Why do we think we need more… more time, more knowledge, more faith, more love, more money…to be complete? 

… as this is the center of Buddha nature

Learning the lessons of nature, being aware of everything around us we eventually get to know who we really are. We come to know that we are born to realize our true nature and to learn to live in harmony with it. 
On our journey we may come across obstacles and distractions but if you keep in mind 
to not bare anger,
to not worry,
to be true to yourself and your being
to be compassionate to yourself and the others,
we will realise thatthis is the center of Buddha (our true) nature.

Success on your way!

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